Experience Prefabricated tiny homes with sustainable energy solutions with our advanced 5.5KW Hybrid Solar System, comprising four main components meticulously designed for efficiency and reliability.
5.5KW Hybrid Solar System: Solar Panel: Mono-Crystalline, 550W, 21.1% Efficiency, Max PV Input Power: 8000W Inverter: 6KW Rated Power, Max DC Voltage: 600V Battery: 48VDC Nominal Voltage, 2.4KWh Electricity Capacity Accessories: PV Cable – 4mm2, MC4 Connector (Red & Black, 40m2), Battery Cables – 25mm2 (Red & Black, 3m2)
Expandable Container tiny homes: Offers portability with easy relocation and quick installation, requiring minimal labor. House Layout: Includes 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and bathroom with separate shower area, cabinet, and toilet.
Configuration: Features black double door with reflective glass, black frame, white walls, aluminum alloy windows, and an L-shape custom kitchen cabinet.
Versatile Uses: Suitable for off-grid living, emergency shelter, vacation home, remote office, and guest house accommodations.
[Features]: Adaptable design, portable convenience, and expandable structure. Durable construction, easy setup, and high resistance to water, wind, sound, and fire. Roof live load of 1.0 KN/m sq and floor live load of 2.5 KN/m sq. Lifetime of more than 30 years ensures long-term reliability and sustainability.


Prefabricated Tiny Homes | Expandable 3-Bedroom Tiny Homes | 38×20ft | 5.5kw Solar Powered | Lockable Doors & Windows | Kitchen | Outlets & Light Switches | Cabinet | Sink
Brand: Generic
Color Black & white
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions 465″D x 249″W x 98″H
Item Weight 9496 Pounds