*Dimensions*: L20xW20xH8.3ft,
🏠 Accomadating : 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 bathroom Note that :- this can be customised based on customer’s necessity..
⛲️ – *Flexible Setup*: – Quick and straightforward assembly process – Designed for easy setup, reducing installation time
🏡- *Size Variants*: – Available in 20-foot x 40-foot size – Suitable for a variety of uses, from residential to commercial
⛳️- Customizable Design*: – Interior and exterior customization options – Choose paint colors and floor finishes to suit your style
🎉- *Included Amenties*: – Marble Shower stall, Shower head, Silent Exhaust fan, Water heater, Toilet, Sink and Mirror
🔥💦- *Waterproof and Fireproof*: – Constructed with materials that are both waterproof and fireproof – Provides safety and protection against water damage and fire hazards
🏫- *Quality Assurance*: – Manufactured to high standards for durability and reliability – Backed by quality assurance guarantees for peace of mind


40FT Tiny Homes Portable Prefab House with 3 Bedroom,1 Full Equiped Bathroom and Kitchen,Prefabricated Container House for Adults Living,Foldable Mobile Home with Steel Frame.